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interior of a country cotswold home

Expert Procurement Services

Dive into the world of antiques with our unique Anti-Commission Service. Instead of traditional fees, we earn by securing the best deals for you, taking only a small percentage of the savings we find. This innovative approach ensures we're always motivated to find you the most exceptional pieces at the best prices.

Tailored Dealer Recommendations

Whatever your antique needs, we connect you with the finest specialist dealers. Our extensive network is tailored to meet your specific requirements, ensuring you receive expert advice and access to exclusive collections.


Personalized Interior Consultation

Transform your space with our bespoke interior consultation service. We'll help you select the perfect antique pieces that complement the character and style of your property, ensuring a harmonious and elegant interior.


Discreet House Clearance and Probate Services

Handling sensitive matters with the utmost discretion, our house clearance and probate services are designed to support you during challenging times. Trust in our professionalism to manage all aspects with care and respect.


Exclusive Discounts for Trade and Loyal Customers

Benefit from our trade discounts and special offers on job lots, exclusively available to our loyal customers. Elevate your collection with these unbeatable deals, making the world of antiques more accessible and affordable.

interior of a bath house
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