Antique tours of the Cotswolds and England

Specialist antique tours of the Cotswolds and the rest of Englands shops and trade outlets. Trade and retail fairs along with auctions can also be added to tours if required. Ever tour is catered to the clients own specific requirements.


Removals and shipping can be arranged for clients on tour, along with advice on local hotels and restaurants.


The tours are taken in a new model Mercedes people carrier with a capacity for five clients  with additional storage. Airport pickup and drop off can also be arranged.


The tours will be far more than just a taxi service, with advice on items your looking at from an active antiques dealer. Not only will you be kept clear from fakes and bad examples of antiques, but I will also work in your favour to negociate better prices on an anti commision basis.


Please call or email for further information. Bruce +44 (0)7591 604975

Furniture and objects sourced from around the UK and Europe for quality, practicality, and design. Lovingly restored in our in-house workshop and retailed directly to you online.

Hutton-Clarke Antiques, Unit 10, The Old Dairy, Winchcombe Glos GL54 5JE  
Tel +44 (0)7591 604975

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