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French Antique Furniture

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Family shop in Stow-on-the-wold,2000 

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Bruce Hutton-Clarke is a second-generation antiques dealer, with a deep-rooted heritage in the world of antiques. Raised in the esteemed environment of Stow Antiques, a family enterprise that has been trading in antiques since its establishment in 1969, Bruce's journey in the industry is a testament to his rich heritage. While the Stow Antiques chapter concluded in 2007, Bruce embarked on a solo venture, establishing his presence in various locations within the Cotswolds and Scotland before settling in Winchcombe, where he has proudly operated for the past decade.

Today, Bruce's sanctuary of antiques is nestled within the historic confines of Sudeley Castle's Old Dairy, just north of Cheltenham Spa. His quest for exceptional items takes him on a continuous voyage across Europe, with a home base in Normandy, France. He is unwavering in his pursuit of stock that embodies practicality, exceptional quality, originality, and a distinct advantage over the competition. To ensure competitive pricing, Bruce leverages online platforms and conducts the majority of restoration work in-house.

As the antique market is ever-evolving, Bruce's business adapts to the changing landscape, fortified by years of experience and an ever-expanding knowledge base. With a steadfast commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, Bruce Hutton-Clarke's Antiques looks forward to forging lasting connections with discerning clientele in the years to come. Your journey through the world of antiques is in capable hands with us.







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