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"French Antique Furniture" "French Antique Furniture" "French Antique Furniture" "French Antique Furniture" "French Antique Furniture"

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French Antique Furniture

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Family shop in Stow-on-the-wold,2000 



       Bruce Hutton-Clarke is a second-generation antiques dealer, brought up by both parents at Stow Antiques.The family having traded in antiques  since1969 and finished at Stow Antiques in 2007. Bruce has since traded alone in various locations in the Cotswolds and Scotland and for the past 10 years in Winchcombe.He is now based on the grounds of Sudeley Castle's Old Dairy, just north of Cheltenham Spa.


     Bruce is constantly sourcing items that are hard to find in the U.K, travelling all over Europe with a base in Normandy. Always looking for stock that is practical, good quality, original and has an edge over the competition.  Constantly trying to keep the prices down by selling online and doing most restoration work in house.

       The business is always evolving with constant market changes and increased knowledge from trading over time. Hopefully, customers will stay with us in the years to follow.







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