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The Return of Colour in Interiors.

In recent years, the trend of minimalist, monochrome interiors has taken a backseat to a more vibrant and personalized approach to home decor. Gone are the days of sterile white rooms adorned with nothing but a sofa, a coffee table, and a few pistachio scatter cushions. The COVID-19 pandemic, forcing people to spend unprecedented amounts of time within their homes, has been a significant catalyst for this change. Individuals quickly realized that living in spaces dominated by shades of grey and white was not just somber but also lacked the warmth and comfort a home should provide. This realization has sparked a delightful resurgence of colour in interiors, coupled with an eclectic mix of antiques that reflect personal tastes and stories. This blog explores this shift, emphasizing how people are now curating their living spaces with an array of interesting colours and a blend of old and new items.

The Psychological Impact of Colour

The impact of colour on mood and general well-being cannot be overstated. Colours have the power to invigorate, soothe, inspire, and even heal. As such, the reintroduction of colour into interior spaces is not just a stylistic choice but a deliberate move towards creating environments that promote happiness, creativity, and comfort. Whether it's a bold statement wall, vibrant furniture pieces, or colourful accents, the use of colour is transforming homes into more engaging and dynamic spaces.

Blending Tradition with Modernity

One of the most exciting trends in today’s interior design is the fusion of traditional antiques with contemporary elements. This approach allows for the creation of unique, curated looks that reflect individual personalities and preferences. Traditional brown furniture, once deemed outdated, is making a comeback, finding its place alongside modern design elements to create spaces that are both timeless and of the moment. Items like porcelain, pottery, old paintings, and bronzes are being reintegrated into homes, serving as focal points that add depth and character to any room.

The Cotswolds Influence

The Cotswolds region, known for its picturesque landscapes and historic homes, has long been a source of inspiration for interior designers and homeowners alike. The area's quintessential country house aesthetic, characterized by rustic charm blended with Georgian elegance and a touch of French flair, is influencing modern interiors across the globe. This eclectic Cotswolds charm encourages the mixing of styles, from country to French to modern rustic, creating spaces that feel both refined and welcoming. Publications like World of Interiors and the timeless designs of Ralph Lauren have played pivotal roles in popularizing this eclectic approach, showcasing how diverse elements can come together to form harmonious and stylish interiors.

Antiques: Adding Personality to Spaces

Antiques are at the heart of this movement towards personalized, eclectic interiors. Each piece tells a story, whether it's a Georgian sideboard, a rustic French farmhouse table, or a collection of porcelain vases. These items bring a sense of history and uniqueness to spaces, allowing homeowners to express their personalities and tastes in a way that new, mass-produced items simply cannot. Hutton-Clarke Antiques stands at the forefront of this trend, offering an array of antiques that cater to the eclectic tastes of modern homeowners, from traditional brown furniture to unique decorative objects that breathe life into any interior.

Transforming Spaces with Colour and Antiques

The transformation of an interior through the strategic use of colour and antiques can be profound. A once bland living room can become a vibrant space filled with character and warmth, while a monochrome bedroom can be rejuvenated with colourful textiles and a statement antique piece. These changes not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of a home but also its emotional resonance, making spaces more inviting and reflective of the people who inhabit them.

Curating Your Space

Creating a curated interior that reflects your personal style involves thoughtful selection and placement of both colour and antiques. Start with a piece of antique furniture or artwork that resonates with you, and build your room around it, using colour to highlight its features and integrate it seamlessly into your space. Don't be afraid to mix periods and styles—this is what creates a truly personalized and eclectic interior.

Looking Forward: The Future of Interior Design

The future of interior design lies in personal expression through the use of colour and carefully chosen antiques. This approach not only creates more aesthetically pleasing and comfortable living environments but also allows individuals to imprint their homes with their personal stories and tastes. As we move forward, the trend of curated, colourful interiors filled with meaningful antiques is likely to grow, encouraging everyone to embrace their individuality and create spaces that truly feel like home.


The return of colour in interiors, paired with the eclectic mixing of antiques, marks a significant shift in how people view and curate their living spaces. This trend, fueled by the desire for homes that reflect personal stories and preferences, offers a refreshing departure from the impersonal, monochrome designs of the past. Hutton-Clarke Antiques is at the forefront of this movement, providing a treasure trove of pieces that enable homeowners to express their unique styles. As we continue to reimagine our living environments, the integration of colour and antiques will undoubtedly play a central role in creating spaces that are not only beautiful but also imbued with personal significance and warmth.

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