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Hutton-Clarke Antiques is delighted to present an authentic example of an 18th-century coffer, a testament to historic craftsmanship and enduring style. This particular piece stands out for its original lunettes adorning the top rail, a feature that captures the essence of period design. The coffer boasts large, intricately carved panels that add depth and character to its appearance.

One of the coffer's most distinguished attributes is its long feet, a rarity among its contemporaries, many of which have been shortened over time. This preservation of original height not only contributes to its aesthetic appeal but also maintains its structural integrity. The coffer's solid top is another highlight, designed to support weight, a practical advantage over panelled alternatives. This feature allows for the placement of heavy items on top without concern, making it a versatile addition to any space. The original loop hinges on the top further attest to its authenticity and historical value.

The coffer's colour and patination are exceptional, showcasing a rich, warm glow that only centuries of care and exposure can produce. This, along with its proven authenticity, makes it a prudent acquisition for collectors and enthusiasts alike.

Beyond its aesthetic and historical significance, this coffer offers practical utility. It is ideally suited for use in a hall, where it can serve as both seating and storage for items such as boots. Its robust construction and surface area also make it an innovative choice for a television stand, blending functionality with antique charm.

In summary, Hutton-Clarke Antiques' 18th-century coffer is a fine example of period furniture that marries form, function, and historical significance. Its preserved original features, coupled with its practical utility, make it a sensible and attractive addition to any collection or home.

Height 72 cm, width 142 cm, Depth 49 cm

18th century oak coffer

SKU: ta1
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