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Hutton-Clarke Antiques takes pride in presenting an exquisite 18th-century portrait capturing the essence of a distinguished gentleman adorned in a wig, dating back to circa 1770. This piece encapsulates the charm of an era when wigs were a prevalent fashion statement, gradually fading in popularity as the century unfolded. Meticulously painted in the traditional style of the time, the portrait remains in remarkable condition, showcasing its enduring quality. While displaying an overall excellent state of preservation, it is noteworthy that a single patch is present on the back, yet it has not undergone re-lining. This subtle testament to its history adds character to an already captivating piece, making it a noteworthy addition for collectors and enthusiasts alike.

Height 57 cm, width 49 cm, depth 2 cm

18th Century Portrait of a Gentleman in a Wig

SKU: 811
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