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Hutton-Clarke Antiques takes great pleasure in presenting this exquisite Italian writing desk, skillfully crafted from solid walnut and featuring a sophisticated black leather top. This remarkable piece embodies the timeless beauty of Renaissance design, showcasing bold trestle ends adorned with exquisitely carved male figures standing proudly at either end.

Beneath these captivating figures, a series of gracefully adorned columns with arches lend an air of architectural splendor to the desk, all resting elegantly on a sturdy 'H' stretcher. This meticulously designed base not only adds to the desk's visual appeal but also ensures its stability and durability.

With a generous work surface, this writing desk offers ample space for creativity and productivity. Moreover, it boasts a thoughtful design that provides plenty of legroom, ensuring a comfortable and functional workspace.

This Italian writing desk is more than just furniture; it is a statement piece that brings the grandeur and artistic sophistication of the Renaissance into your living or working space. Its combination of aesthetics and practicality makes it a valuable addition to any discerning collector's or connoisseur's repertoire.
(Provenance -Woollas Hall)




Height : 78 cm - 30.71 in

Width : 125 cm - 49.21 in

Depth : 99 cm - 38.98 in

Italian Walnut Library Writing Desk

SKU: 342
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