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Crafted in the elegant Georgian period, this supper table boasts a captivating, lustrous blonde hue with a beautifully aged patina. Its gracefully concave front is adorned with a pair of doors that unveil a hidden cupboard, once used to store delectable feasts. Adorning the sides are soft yellow silk panels and intricate brass wire caging, characteristic of the Georgian era's opulent design. Its ornate turned brass handles are both functional and decorative, while a discreet drawer, accessible from one side, adds to its utility. Remarkably, the table's back is impeccably finished to mirror the resplendent front, ensuring its alluring presence from any angle.



Height : 71 cm - 27.95 in

Width : 96 cm - 37.8 in

Depth : 81 cm - 31.89 in

Mahogany 18th Century Pembroke Supper Table

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