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Hutton-Clarke Antiques proudly presents an exquisite piece of cycling history: the Oxford & Cambridge Cycling Photomontage, dating back to circa 1900. The two college shields, meticulously hand-painted, add an air of authenticity and prestige to this remarkable piece.The composition skillfully captures the spirit of the race, with several photographs depicting the intense competition and camaraderie among the cyclists. Each image tells a story of the miles conquered, encapsulating the determination and passion of the riders who participated in this iconic event.Intricately curated and thoughtfully presented, the Oxford & Cambridge Cycling Photomontage from Hutton-Clarke Antiques is not just a decorative piece but a conversation starter. Whether you are a connoisseur of antiques, a cycling enthusiast, or someone with a keen appreciation for the past, this exceptional item invites you to relive the glory of a bygone era.
Height 45cm, width 38cm, depth 2cm

Oxford & Cambridge Cycling Photomontage

SKU: 783
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