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Hutton-Clarke Antiques is delighted to present an exquisite pair of étagère tables, crafted in an elegant French manner by the renowned W. M. Barclay from the United States. These tables are masterfully constructed from rich mahogany, featuring tops adorned with beautifully figured marble that exudes luxury and sophistication. The upper galleries of these tables showcase intricate brass work, with designs that are both open and delicately pierced, adding a touch of ornate detail that is both visually captivating and refined.

Each table is thoughtfully designed with a fixed shelf situated below the marble top, providing ample space for displaying cherished items. Further enhancing their functionality is a single drawer located beneath the shelf, offering discreet storage for personal effects. The tables are supported by gracefully turned legs, and equipped with original casters, allowing for ease of movement and versatile placement within any interior setting.

The freestanding nature of these étagère tables allows them to be admired from all angles, making them a versatile addition to any room. Their robust construction ensures they are particularly well-suited for everyday use, whether for showcasing decorative lamps, placing drinks, or as elegant side tables flanking a sofa or bed. With their blend of practicality and ornamental beauty.

Height 73 cm, width 53 cm

Pair of mahogany etagere end tables

SKU: 1234
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