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Antiques Store Moving in September - January Sale

Welcome to Hutton-Clarke Antiques, where history and elegance meet in the heart of the Cotswolds. As we prepare for our exciting relocation this September, we're thrilled to announce our special January sale. Our collection, renowned for its diverse range of antique furniture and decorative items, invites you to explore a world of timeless beauty.

A Treasure Trove in the Cotswolds - Antique Furniture for Sale

Nestled in the picturesque Cotswolds, our store is a haven for antique enthusiasts. Here, you'll find an exquisite selection of antique furniture, including rustic French farm tables, elegant Georgian mahogany pieces, and charming bedside cabinets. Each item in our collection tells a story, waiting to become a part of your home.

French Farm Tables - A Rustic Elegance

Our French farm tables are more than just furniture; they're pieces of history. Crafted with care and preserved through the ages, these tables bring a touch of rustic elegance to any space. Their sturdy design and timeless appeal make them perfect for gatherings, family dinners, or simply as a statement piece in your dining room.

The Charm of Antique Upholstery

Antique upholstery at Hutton-Clarke Antiques offers a unique blend of comfort and history. From lavish armchairs to elegant sofas, each piece showcases the skill of past artisans. Integrating these pieces into your modern home not only adds character but also creates a conversation starter.

Georgian Mahogany - Timeless Beauty

The Georgian mahogany collection is a testament to the era's exquisite craftsmanship. Known for its durability and rich color, Georgian mahogany furniture adds a touch of sophistication to any setting. Whether you're looking for a grand dining table or a refined writing desk, our collection has something to suit your taste.

Bedside Cabinets and Decorative Items for Every Taste

Our selection of bedside cabinets and decorative items range from the classic to the eclectic. Whether you prefer the simplicity of a traditional design or the flair of a more ornate piece, our collection can cater to your individual style. These pieces not only enhance the aesthetics of your room but also offer practical storage solutions.

January Sale and Moving Plans

As we prepare for our new journey, we invite you to take advantage of our January sale. It's the perfect opportunity to acquire a piece of history at an exceptional value. While we're excited about our upcoming move, we're equally committed to ensuring our customers have the chance to enjoy our current collection at our Cotswolds location.

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